Last Week, Worrellwin – This Week, Armor!

One thing about Quapaw Quarter UMC. If you don’t like the music one week, it’s going to be different the next, so you should give it second shot.  Always double-tap. Last week, we had local hip-hop artist and church member Jonathan Worrell (aka Worrellwin) and his friend, Kevin Kinnard. Jonathan, this quiet, unassuming guy, has been coming to QQUMC ever since Capitol View merged with it over 10 years ago, and is in church almost every Sunday.  We didn’t know until a few weeks ago that he’s a musician / performer kind of guy. We try to be a church that celebrates the God-given creativity in people, whether it manifests itself as music, song, painting, drawing, writing prose or poetry, dance, sewing, stitching, acting or about anything else you can think of, so once that bit of information came out, we pretty much pounced on Jonathan!  I don’t have a video from Sunday morning to post, but here’s a youtube link to the original song he did in worship: “My All”  Why? Because God gave (and gives) all for us; how can we strive to do less?  It’s been in my head all week. A good reminder. Thanks, Jonathan!
Coming this week:  We’ve grown weary of all the bread in John, so Thompson is preaching on putting on the full armor of God –  Ephesians 6:10-20: “Protection Enabled.”  This has got to be one of the most misconstrued, misappropriated and misunderstood passages in the New Testament!  If you’ve every felt mystified by this heavy war imagery or put off by hymns like “Onward Christian Soldiers,” you should hear what he has to say. Music: Allan Young, Diana Brandon, Sanctuary Choir.


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