Welcome to “Number Four of Four!”

This blog was started primarily as a place I could post sermons and link them to our church’s website. My previous attempts at maintaining a blog have not been successful, mostly because I can’t think of anything to write that wouldn’t immediately reveal my own (probably pathetic) need for some sort of therapy, or be an incriminating negative rant of some sort. I also don’t want to wax prolific and gush about how great something is…and writing that isn’t any of that stuff seems to require a lot more effort!  So, for now, I’ll just post the occasional sermon.

“Seven of Nine” as played by Jeri Ryan

Oh, about “Number Four of Four” – I confess to being a fan of “Star Trek” in all its incarnations, and “Four of Four” is a tip of the hat to Seven of Nine, a human character who was a former Borg drone.  I’m the fourth of four siblings – now three siblings, since the death of my brother, Don, Number Three of Four – but he had a huge influence on me during his life, so I find it fitting that he should continue to have a huge influence on me in his death as well.   Technically, I suppose I should call this blog “Number Four of Three,” and while that’s pretty indicative of my often rattled and ditzy state of being, I’m still Four of Four.  I think the barrier between life and death isn’t as final as it seems.


5 thoughts on “Welcome to “Number Four of Four!”

  1. You are definitely “Four of Four”. Don is still with us, albeit only in Spirit! Glad you decided to engage in the blogosphere. “Live long and Prosper!”


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